Bill Hanna

Medicare Insurance Specialist

WMH Consulting LLC
5025 Coral Creek Dr
Ft Worth,TX 76135
Phone: 817-903-0862

About Bill Hanna

I have been in the insurance business since 2008. I discovered I have a penchant for the Senior Market and Medicare part of Insurance so that is where I have focused my practice. I do not write car,home or motorcycle insurance,rather I have chosen to help people on Medicare.Whether you are 65 and above or under 65 on Medicare Disability I have a Medigap {Supplement}or Life Insurance policy to fit your needs,also Long Term Care policies and very low risk Annuities. I pride myself on being a totally Independent Agent offering many different Insurance companies. Please contact me at or 817-903-0862 for a free quote on your Insurance needs.It will be a short no obligation email/call that could possibly save you hundreds of dollars each year...